Focus on sales

We deliver

Eezery is a innovative transport company for short-distance logistics. We are flexible, quick and we deliver at the right time – always to the needs of the customer. We are technologically modern, and we invest substantially in customer experience and communication. We are able to offer services which others can only dream about. The concept of Eezery is something that the logistics industry has been missing for a long time.
Quality and customer promise

We invest in partner­ships

We have created efficient support processes, monitoring and we support the success of drivers with an advanced teaching environment and orientation. We recognize possible deviations up-front. All of our methods are based on redeeming the customer promise, constant improvement of our methods and understanding the customer. We are flexible and quick. We are working actively with the authorities and our methods correspond all regulatory requirements in all sections.

Learning environment

Tailored training supports the profes­sional competence

Eezery Academy is a modern e-learning environment where drivers learn things which are relevant to the quality of transport and customer experience. We have developed our learning environment with HAMK university of applied science and in the future our learning environment will get the official study brands given by Mozilla Foundation. When needed, we can create customer-specific study programs.

Eezery environmental program

Concrete actions for the environ­ment

Eezery has their own environmental program. On all of our doing we want to pay attention to environmental issues, but the world is not perfect. This is why it’s good to do a little extra. All of our customers can join our program and we will reimburse some of the cost of their transport to the program. With these funds we will buy ditched swamps and make them paradises of the nature and carbon sinks. Something concrete, that is.